Why RANDALL foils make normal blades faster and more efficient .... the science explained

RANDALL foils being scientifically tested on UK's Olympic Rowing Course

The deeper the rower buries the blade the more oar shaft is in contact with the water, creating inefficient Braking Splash - as seen in Fig.3 below.

In BioRow Newsletter No 173 August 2015 Dr. Kleshnev explores this concept in detail. Fig.2 below shows that a 9-degree difference in oar angle can cause a 48cm extra contact with the water.

“An extra 6 degrees of the blade depth increases drag resistance ... and decreases the speed by 3.5% (14s over 2km race ... ).” 

With a RANDALL foil, the blade is set to 0-degrees (with a slight adjustment to oar pitch) and can achieve the minimum oar shaft/water contact possible. And this is where the speed advantage is made.

The RANDALLfoil design is seeing the advantage of heavier and stronger crews be reduced as the adaptation makes the rowing stroke more consistent, precise and efficient. 

We have recognised that attaching the foil to the blade is just the beginning. It is essential to optimise the rigging precisely for your athletes to accommodate the new stroke cycle and the movement of the blade through the water. 

Blade depth of O-degrees only possible with RANDALLfoils - see FIG.2 ABOVE 

Independent Testing conducted by
For a full copy of the results, please write to Ian at


November - The first trials of concept conducted
December - AIS notified of findings and test samples supplied

January-May - Product development and testing
May - Product and Concept trials by RowUK and RowingNews
June - Commercial product availability announced in Australia
July - first adoption of Randallfoils in GPS rowing by St Ignatius College (Riverview)
October - First round of independent scientific tests conducted in the UK by Valery Klashnev of BioRow with 4.5 % speed increase achieved
November - Second series of RANDALLfoil's available in 'wearex' plastic

January - ROWING AUSTRALIA Trials begin
March - Application for Certification submitted to FISA
April - Rowing WA officially approves the RANDALLfoil for state-based racing.
May - Rowing Australia grants certification for all Australian Regatta's
- First 'Gold' achieved at the NSW Masters Championship (MMCX2)
June - Henley Royal Regatta Stewards grant approval for use at 2018 Regatta
August - FISA grant approval for use at all World Rowing events.
November - RANDALLfoil design presented at the 2018 Sports Medicine and Science Conference, Berlin (link here to presentation)

August - Martino Goretti of Italy is the first to use the design at an international regatta.
- Martino Goretti of Italy becomes World Champion LMX1 using RANDALLfoils
November - Cited in book ICE, FIRE and Physics by Dr Rebecca C. Thompson which looks at the earthly and magical science of the Game of Thrones (

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